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Photography Portfolio

27. August 2015

My old photography portfolio - the site that breaks my heart for so many reasons.

It's been around for about four years now. Originally it was just a random, muddled sub-section of my poetry blog, but as I got more and more into photography and became increasingly passionate about Nikon photography, I realized that I would need another site altogether.

Contrary to the poetry blog, I didn't have to start over from scratch learning everything since I had already made several (more or less good) sites at this time. And besides, I already had the domain name as well. This was consequently placed on a sub-domain.

The design was clear from the start, and nothing has changed much. I wanted the focus to be on the images (duh) so I kept it deliberately minimal, and so it remains.

Over time, this site has become increasinly important to me since photography has come to be my only creative outlet besides coding, whereas I used to venture much further in my artistic pursuits. So naturally, I am never satisfied with the look of the site - yet I neither have the time nor the energy to pull it apart and make a new stylesheet from scratch. So it is as it is.

So, what's new?

I redid the navigation entirely. There was way too much clutter in the menu. And some of the sections were so easy to merge (and/or eliminate) that it's downright embarassing that I didn't do it earlier (but, y'know, time...).

I made updated landing pages for each section. Made a new banner. Added a contact page (why I didn't have one already is really quite a mystery to me).

It comes off as much cleaner now.

I eliminated some content as well in the process of course - and more will have to go in order for the site to not appear too cluttered. I need to become better at sorting my photos in advance before uploading them - it's just so difficult when they are all dear to me.

Anyway, here's the updated version of the site, complete with new macro photos and all.

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