My face with a Photoshop cutout filter applied to it


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30. August 2015

I made this site (yes, that's the one you're currently at) on a whim, over a weekend. 

The story behind this site is the following: A Saturday morning, while I was enjoying my weekend by playing around with some JavaScript as usual, I figured out how to filter content.

Well, it may not sound like much, but I was new to JavaScript, so I thought it huge. In any case, the idea for this particular showcase-site popped into my head instantly at that moment. Basically, my idea was to make a site that was neither a blog nor a portfolio per se, but more of a chance for me to keep track of, and share with other people as well, what I'm doing and what I learn from each individual project as I complete them, whatever the nature of the project might be (as long as it's web-related). In short; it's a personal website. It's a personal project. Most importantly, I really enjoyed coding it (which I, as I explicitly state in the footer, did from scratch). On a sidenote, it only took me about a day. Motivation speeds things up for sure.

Coding a site isn't the hard part though. Creating the content for said site is. Especially since I've come to the point where I get tired just thinking about opening Photoshop or Illustrator. I'd much rather code (which is kinda funny to think about since I technically started out - back in the days - with a design education...). Unfortunately for me, creating content for a site often involves using one of those two programs. This is where a real designer could really come in handy. I don't presume to be one. Not that I don't have the skills; what I lack is primarily the patience to fight the pen tool for long enough at a time. I seriously don't have that. Especially not while hearing the siren call of the code... In any case, I managed to get it done though it practically sucked the life out of me to spend an hour in Photoshop preparing images compared to the happy day I spent coding the site. The result is what you can see all around you right now.

And with regards to what you see right now: Like I said, it was a spontaneous project, so I didn't have a fixed image in mind when I started coding, and since I'm not technically a designer, I pretty much just went where the code took me. The result turned out sort of pink. I happened to have an image of myself (the one you'll find in the header) where some Photoshop adjustments and filters happen to make my face pink, and then I decided I'd simply use the colours of that for the whole site. 

What I learned from coding this site

It is really important to take time off for personal projects, for playing around with code and enjoying oneself. I'd been really stressed at school/work, and this project was a much-needed break for me. Sometimes it's important to do something to break the routine - to play and to explore. The only new thing to me, code-wise, on this website, is the JS sorting function on the front page. But that's not the important part. The really important part was that coding this site served to remind me that I really do enjoy coding after all. And that's hardly an insignificant matter...

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