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Li Bao You's Clinic

12. November 2015

I helped a friend whose father is a Chinese doctor make this simple website for his clinic.

Mind you, this site reflects only about four hours of voluntarily helping a friend who had a problem - calling it a 'client project' is a bit of a stretch. Also, many of my ideas were shot down as they 'didn't have it before, so we probably won't need it' - that being such things as a 'make appointment' form and a profile page where you could look up your journal as well as past and future appointments. 

Well, at least I made the offer...

About the site

I simply couldn't accept my friend's idea of 'just doing some adjustments to the original table layout' (which is from 2001) in 2015, so I redid it all from scratch with my CSS Flexbox grid. I also made some drastic changes to colors and fonts to make it all feel more Asian, and more fit for a medical facility. 

Moreover, it took me a long time to get them to accept real text on the site instead of images, as well as any changes to the original color 'scheme' (random colors the site owner liked, changing for each page). At length I simply did what I felt was right. Fortunately, when they saw the result, they were satisfied anyway.

The site, not surprisingly, ended up very simple since I was provided with very little (useful) content. I kept it flat and with a very limited color palette. And even though the client couldn't see the point in progressive enhancement, I did it anyway (of course). The site is responsive and should be perfectly IE9 compatible.

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