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SVG marble escher tiles

6. November 2015

See the Pen SVG marble escher tile pattern by Katrine-Marie Burmeister (@Katrine-Marie) on CodePen.

Two months pondering how to achieve a specific effect with SVG filters finally paid off...

I saw a photo over three months ago of some marble tiles that made me immediately think 'This could be done in SVG'! I just couldn't immediately think of the method. I was aware that it would be several filters combined, but I couldn't guess which ones right off the bat.

I knew that turbulence would have to play a part, but that was about it.

Then I came across a demo by Dirk Weber where he showed some awesome SVG filter effects on text, and I realized that I could use a modified version of his filter to achieve the effect I was going for. His version of the filter included some things I didn't need, which I duly removed, and I had to (drastically) alter the baseFrequency value of the turbulence filter to make it more, well, let's say 'fuzzy', in order to match the marble look I was going for.

I also had to make two different versions of the filter in order to get a convincingly random surface, and to make one of the 'sides' of the tiles markedly lighter than the other.

I'd say I'm fairly pleased - but I have to, of course, since I did ponder the filter issue for as long as I did. Now at least it's been completed, and I can move on to something new.

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