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CSS/JS Christmas Calendar

25. December 2015

A new and revised version of the Christmas calendar I coded a year ago.

Originally much duller, created with CSS patterns back when I was still experimenting with the new CSS3 features, this updated and way cooler version of the CSS/JS Christmas calendar sadly came just one day too late for Christmas '15.

Why am I so excited?

First of all, because my code wasn't half as bad as I feared when I got hold of it again. It actually required very little 'fixing'.

Second of all, because the JS juice added on top to replace the teeny tiny jQuery script of yore makes it gorgeous.

Most importantly, I added some JS to set cookies for each lid you 'open'. That's fairly crucial functionality for a Christmas calendar - ideally I should make it impossible to click a date in the future, but honestly, that would require too many changes to my original code for me to bother considering, seeing as this is mainly 'just' intended for friends and family anyway.

Enjoy. And merry frontend Christmas!

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