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21. February 2016

This is my resume page, since I figured that, being a web developer, it would make most sense to have my resume be a website.

It has the benefit of proving in itself that I actually know the things that I claim to know. Also, making the site forced me to carefully consider what my skills actually are since I actually had to list them.

Coding the site was an interesting experience because it's such a personal project. I ran into a few compatibility issues with IE, but nothing major, and for once I remembered to comment my CSS where certain style declarations were necessary for the sake of IE compatibility (I admit, commenting code is a skill I really ought to focus more on).

Here is a link to my resume site for those who'd like to peek at my skills and interests.

The site features a canvas radar chart (and that's the first time I've actually used the canvas element except for random experimentation), an animated signature (the stroke-drawing animation style that I've been promoting), a responsive menu concept that I personally think turned out really well, and a portrait image of me that for once doesn't look entirely bad (thanks to my classmate Sarah who took the picture, with my Nikon), so there's enough to explore if one wants to.

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