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Greensock Leaves

12. March 2016

See the Pen Greensock leaves by Katrine-Marie Burmeister (@Katrine-Marie) on CodePen.

A demo of some falling leaves I made with GSAP TweenMax.

I had this animation in mind for a long time, but I always planned to attempt it with CSS animations.

After I got started with GSAP I quickly realized how much easier it was to use, and although the primary benefits of GSAP, for me at least, lie in making SVG animations cross-browser compatible, and complex animations easier to adjust - it can also make simpler animations such as this one much simpler to plan out and execute. It took literally no time to code this.

I stagger through the leaves (three in total), and use two timelines - one to move the leaves down and another to rotate them, set to different durations in order to introduce some randomization into the movements. And that's basically it.

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