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Diving 2k webshop

19. September 2017

Maintaining and developing this site is one of my primary responsibilities at the moment.

A lot of things have happened on this website over the course of the year I've maintained it.

I re-designed it in intervals, and eventually I had to re-code the whole thing from scratch as we switched not just from one host provider to another, but also from the old stack (let's call it the 'Multiple Developers Didn't Know How To Clean Up After Themselves' stack, or perhaps the 'If One Version of jQuery Doesn't Cut It, Try Adding Another But Leave the Old One, Just In Case' stack) to a new stack (Frontend: Angular, Sass, Grunt - Backend: PHP w. Smarty templating engine).

I was regrettably not able to choose the stack myself seeing as this decision had already been made before I joined the company. But I was single-handedly tasked with coding the new site and integrating with the new backend, third-party solutions and the company's economy system.

I also implemented SSL on this website as well as on most of the other websites hosted by Diving2000.

Some Highlights of the New Site:

- Did away with the unwieldly customer service bar at the top which nobody ever used.

- Implemented a language picker.

- Checkout page on the same domain

- A lot of added functionality with regards to products such as additional buys

- Easier log in options on checkout

- Autofill form on checkout

Some Highlights of the Previous Re-designs:

- Redesign at 100% page width

- Removed slider from frontpage and substituted it with custom-made boxes for highlighting product categories / options / events. It makes it easier for people to access the information, and the users interact with the page in a different way than before now that half the pages aren't hidden in or undernath a slider.

- I removed extraneous elements from the top-bar

- I made several new pages (such as a Trustpilot embed page and a page embedding my own custom-coded dive map).

- I cleaned up the navigation structure.

- I changed the colour scheme to something bolder and brighter.

- I refactored the legacy CSS and removed 3 external stylesheets.

- I refactored the legacy JavaScript; removed 4 external scripts and upgraded jQuery.

- I removed table layout (caused by copy-paste from word processors) from product and category descriptions.

- I implemented my own custom video modals

- I implemented countdown on products to show shipping time

- I implemented financing possibilities on hidden pages

- I re-designed the main menu and made it stick to the top of the screen on scroll

- I lowered load-time by 23%

- I increased the standard font-size from 11px (!) to 16px as well as line-height from 1 to 1.4 for increased legibility (keep it real: To enable legibility)

More to come...

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