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The folder I made for the combined Summer Sale and Hunting Event in Diving 2000. 

On the Content

This folder was made for a combined event - a summer sale merged with an underwater hunting / spearfishing event. For that reason, it is split into several parts.

Starting with a frontpage with particularly outstanding offers, it goes on to an introductory spread with - among other things - a calendar with the events plotted in, and a table of contents.

Then on to a spread highlighting two things important enough to get a whole page to themselves: a test day for a new dive computer, and an offer on sidemount equipment.

Then the actual product categories are laid out, each colour coded from blue to green. Then the spearfishing categories - all black and camo.

At last, extras. A dive trip to Malta, a book and beginner dive courses - the final page being devoted to children's equipment.

On the Design

Previous experiences had taught me that attempting to keep a background image on the front page was tricky when products had to be overlaid. For that reason, I decided to speak through vector graphics instead.

I used rounded shapes and the blues and oranges of the company colours to create contrasts in warm tones - denoting summer and water. The camo that crops up over the box with the headline denoted the hunting part, as well as a passable water texture. 

The headline was put together with a '&' that matched as well the stroke and fill colours of the two sections of the text.

Inside the folder, the individual category colours are used to create further contrasts with the orange price labels, and therefore highlight the amount saved on each item, as well as the headline of each category.

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