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This is an overview of all of my written publications - linked on both as web apps and PDF files.

I wondered for a long time whether I ought to include this project on a portfolio site. After all, it is kind of personal. On the other hand, it does - through the publications on the site much more than the site itself - speak of some technical knowhow.

Obviously, I decided to share it with you after all, or you would not be reading this now.

The Website Itself

It isn't much. It doesn't need to be much. It serves its purpose. It is an overview of links to all the different publications - only spiced up slightly with a body border and a fancy hover effect on the links. Otherwise, it's a basic web page.

The Publications

Originally, each of these were put together in InDesign. Afterwards, they have been exported as PDF and JPG. The JPG images have been fed into a web app that shows them as a book one can flip through in the browser. The web app has been built based on Backbone, Underscores and jQuery. 


In the future I may make EPUBs as well, however, there's no rush. I imagine I'll do so once I receive a request for it. 

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