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This is a CodePen collection I made of SVG demos I consider to have particular instructive / educational value.

I originally made it in the hope that it would be helpful for, and inspire, my teacher and my classmates to take up SVG. While I wasn't very succesful at that (at least initially) it did prove to be helpful to a lot of other people, which is great.

It has, to date, been viewed almost 10.000 times, which exceeds my wildest expectations upon making it.

While SVG itself isn't a new technology, the lack of browser support until recently has meant that it's been kept in the bakground, and that is has only in recent years seen a resurgence - particularly due to the need for graphics that display properly across all screen sizes and resolutions. However, the fact that it's become so popular just recently means that there is a great demand for all resources on the topic - a demans I discovered first-hand upon making this collection. 

Anyway, here's a link for those that want to check it out. It's a continuous work in progress, and I will keep adding more to it as more instructive SVG demos appear on CodePen (which they, fortunately, keep doing).

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